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Website Design

The key to a successful website design is an in-depth understanding of the target audience and how they will interact with and respond to your website. Increased conversion rates rely on engaging a visitor instantly, holding their attention, and encouraging them to do business with you. Our website design focuses on delivering tangible and long-term benefits for your business by focusing on the following elements:

Taking the time to understand your brand, business and goals
Logical organisation of information and website structure
Focusing on the key elements of each page to enhance the user experience, ensure easy navigation and encourage repeat visits
Intelligent and exciting web design that encourages interactivity and focuses on conversion rates

Information Architecture (IA)

Designing the navigation, functionality and content of a website doesn’t happen by chance. Information architecture is the key aspect of web design which determines how your website will work and look. By constructing a design blueprint at the very start and identifying your target audience and business goals. Building a website from the ground up is what we do best, but we can also help you if you need a redesign of your current website.


Usability is often overlooked in a bid to show off talent and flair for design. We recognise the importance of designing a website that is easy to navigate, use and update. We can use existing commercial CMS systems or a custom built CMS with these principles in mind. Our custom CMS systems is clear and easy to use. Whilst the control panel of your website will be technically fine tuned, the front-end will be creative, quick and above all else user-friendly.

Web Accessibility

Good website design is all about understanding the target audience, this also means welcoming and engaging with all visitors to your website regardless of who they are or how they access the Internet.

Web accessibility specifically addresses the needs of disabled users and encompasses all disabilities that impair web access, including physical, visual, speech, auditory, cognitive and neurological disabilities. Web accessibility is all about assessing the needs of Internet users and designing a website that caters for everybody. Millions of disabled people access the Internet each day so it’s important that your website neither alienates them nor restricts their access.

Where other web agencies have failed to address these issues, Phuse has developed a CMS which operates in full compliance with W3C Web Accessibility legislation.